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Meet Hemamali, the Bride's right-hand woman and one of her dearest friends—though their friendship thrives on TikTok and Instagram video exchanges. She's been the patient companion on the bride's rollercoaster journey of purchasing and selling not one, not two, but three wedding dresses. Kudos to her for maintaining a zen level of patience throughout the bridal fashion saga!


Enter Esther, the Bride's confidante and the group's honourary mom. Armed with hyper-organisation skills, you can bet she's your go-to tissue provider for those teary-eyed moments at the wedding. A pivotal memory for the bride involves a blend of juicy gossip sessions, intense study marathons, and breaking a sweat during workout escapades.


Alisha, the bride's OG buddy, holds an esteemed position in the Friendship Hall of fame. Fond memories abound, especially the pre-prom escapade involving Alisha's mum's curlers and makeup. The end result? A slightly unexpected "emo" look, but hey, it turned out to be the highlight of the bride's glam adventures!


Meet Rina, a vital piece of our friendship puzzle! One of the Bride's fondest memories involves spilling the tea on secret crushes and, of course, our unique interpretation of "studying" at the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf – a.k.a., perfecting the art of photobooth selfies on Rina's trusty MacBook Air.


Meet Lulu, the couple's beloved puggle dog who was kidnapped from her mother at just 8 weeks old. While she has a mischievous side with a love for eating sticks and shoes, she's also incredibly loyal and loves cuddles, kisses, and pats.


Introducing the youngest brother and Best Man to the Groom, Hayden. Hayden has a deep passion for native flora and fauna, evident in his degree in Botany. Hayden's love for plants is so strong that he named his beloved VW Kombi van Buttercup, after the bright yellow flower. By the way, the Groom is sorry for all the "rough" times he gave you growing up - go easy on him during speech time!

Mat N

Meet Mathew, the Groom's elder brother and the family's resident mad mechanic. He's got a knack for dismantling things, from toasters to toddler tantrums. When he's not wrangling his beautiful family, he's on a mission to 3D-print everything in sight.


Meet Bailey "Evo" Evans, the Groom's high school partner-in-crime. By day he's an Occupational Therapist with a Masters in Occupational Therapy, helping those most in need. But by night, he's a World of Warcraft legend, raiding and slaying like a pro! The Groom still remembers Bailey's "unique" way of storing rubbish during High school lunch breaks.


Harry is one of the Groom's closest friends who he met at the workplace. Harry has a passion for hitting the gym, exploring new destinations, and listening to music of all genres. If you see Harry trying to queue up hardstyle songs during the reception, feel free to tackle and restrain him! P.s. The Bride also approves of this message. P.p.s. For legal purposes, this is just a joke.


Zac is the Groom's long-time, childhood mate. Growing up together in the quaint town of Maldon, they shared countless memories from kindergarten to high school. Most notably when Zac and the Groom accidentally shot an arrow from a compound bow straight through the wall of the Groom's new home. Covering the hole with toothpaste didn't fool anyone either!

Matt H

Introducing Matthew, a longtime friend of the Groom. He's a self-taught game developer and an amazing father to his two beautiful kids. When he's not working on his wild projects, he's grinding League of Legends with the Groom. There's a cheeky link to his latest game if you click his profile picture.

The Venue

Lyrebird Falls

Nestled amidst the lush Dandenong Ranges, the Lyrebird Falls wedding venue is a truly enchanting destination.
Lyrebird Falls is located approximately 50 kilometers east of Melbourne's CBD, making it a convenient and accessible location for most guests.


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